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we had participated in:
Youth Exchange Italy July

маркиране на туристически пътеки

Youth Exchange - Give more power to your engine

Youth Exchange - As Green as Possible

Youth Exchange - Give Color To Your Opinion - Balaton

YE - The white rabbit lair

Eco-friendly Europe

Second step for nature! - international youth exchange on environment protection

Образователен природозащитен лагер "Картали 2013"

National Caving Meeting

Spring Scout Camp 2011

Youth Volunteering Conference

Дни на предизвикателствата

Среща с Национална Скаутска Организация

Bansko Film Fest 2010

Филмов фестивал „Другото лице на глобализацията”

Caving Club

Art Workshop (painting caricatures)

Beglika Ecological Fest

A workshop with the scent of resin

Meeting - Discussion with "For the Nature"

Life + Information Meeting 2010

Environmental education in youth work - Finland

Europe Celebrates its 60-year Epic - France

TC: Work It Out! : Non- Formal Education and Employability

Eco-Villages National Meeting

Bansko Film Fest 2009

Life Filming - Youth Documentaries

Keep Up - Training Course - Macedonia

European Environment Festival "Green Wave"

"Plant Life” - Tree Planting

Let’s build the European Mosaic - Metz, France

Migrations of pink flamingos

Are You There? - Turkey

Growing Europe - Italy

Youth summer art academy

Youth Parliament of the fraternized towns

Cultural Differences Enrich Us

Drugs, AIDS & Sexuality

Active Ideas

Active Ideas is a non-profit, non-government environmental youth organization. Active Ideas aims to build self-esteem, promotes healthy lifestyles, develop character, teach leadership skills, and emphasize social responsibility. Active Ideas is located in town of Haskovo, Bulgaria.
Active Ideas organize activities connected to: on culture, sport and free time activities, social work, ecology, music, art and many others.

Our target group is mostly young people.

Our main aim is to build the ecological education, by doing outdoor activities. We work with other local organizations like: "Speleo Club - Haskovo", "Mountain club Aida", "Bulgarian society for the protection of birds", "Kayak Club - Haskovo", "Volunteer center - Haskovo"

Active Ideas mediates between the local authorities and young people when solving their problems.

Our Principles:

We don't hurt animals !
Вид: Principles
We don't hurt animals !
We don't hurt the forest !
Вид: Principles
We don't hurt the forest !
We prefer to make it, not to buy it.
Вид: Principles
We prefer to make it, not to buy it.
- Working with hands is fun
- Handmade is art
- DIY - Do it yourself
- It is art.
- Reuse old materials
- Buying Less = Less Waste
We prefer to Buy Local Products
Вид: Principles
We prefer to Buy Local Products
We prefer to repair it, not to change it
Вид: Principles
We prefer to repair it, not to change it
read books
Вид: Principles
Remember: 5 years from now You will be the same person you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read. And it is said that if you read just 10 minutes
a day you will read on average 1 book a month. And approximately 10 books per year. In 10 years that would be 100 books. Pick a subject read 100 books you'll be an expert on that subject and can hold your own when having a conversation with so called scholars. That's just in 10 years, where were you 10 years ago, are you the same person today you where then?

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