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Keep Up - Training Course - Macedonia
Training Course: "Keep Up"
When: 01 - 09 November 2009
Place: Struga, Macedonia.

"Keep up" is an International training course for EVS mentors and coordinators. Its main aim is to increase the quality of EVS projects through providing training and support to EVS mentors and coordinators...

The project also aims to provide the participants with knowledge and practical experience regarding the concept of EVS and Youth in Action Programme in general; the intercultural dimension of an EVS project; the process of recognition of non-formal education and Youthpass; as well as to provide a platform for sharing ideas and positive experiences. This project will be implemented
in close cooperation between the Contact Points for the Youth in Action Programme in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Crotia, Macedonia,
Montenegro and Serbia, together with project promoters from Bulgaria, Italy and Poland. Experienced trainers in the field of EVS training will run the program, while SALTOYOUTH SEE Resource Centre will support the project by providing an expert in the field of EVS in the region of South-East Europe.

With the new skills and knowledge gained, the EVS mentors and coordinators will be able to support to a greater extend the young people involved in the programme as EVS volunteers. This will result in more successful implementation of the programme priorities in the future. More educated, the EVS mentors and coordinators will be more prepared to answer the needs and challenges of their further EVS projects.


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