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Youth Exchange - Give Color To Your Opinion - Balaton
Give Color to Your Opinion
Youth Exchange project within action 1.1
LAKE BALATON, Káptalanfüred


LOCATION: HUNGARY , Lake Balaton, Káptalanfüred
PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
TEAM NUMBER: 5 participants + 1 group leader
The exchange program focused on social processes which threaten young people, how can they prevent, judge it and build on promoting the healthy lifestyle. The young people spend ten days to deal with this above-mentioned subject with a variety of methods. They get such resources which are free to use their creativity, visualize their ideas, associations.
The seven nation(Belgian, Greek, Polish, Italian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Hungarian 6-6 persons per country 5 persons + 1 group leader all together 42 participants) will take place in Lake Balaton, Káptalanfüred. The spending time together the youth will make campaign activity, they will create and use awareness tools, which are different from the usual. Their aims to amaze, astonish and fight against the above mentioned problems and fight next to a healthy lifestyle.
Such activities are now becoming popular in urban "flash mob", and street graphics and mural painting (community painting).
The Association aims to provide the legal framework for complying with these and similar activities for young people through call attention to the dangers they face and the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

One of the most beautiful parts of the north shore of the Lake Balaton is in the outstanding area of Káptalanfüred. The beach of the Lake Balaton is easily available by a few minutes of walk. It is a campsite you will sleep in wooden houses (with 3, 4 or 8 beds). It is a great place for youth projects.
Toilets and showers are separated from the wooden houses. There is a kitchen, dining room, outdoor areas, fireplace, etc... There are bunk beds and bedding (blankets, pillows, sheets are ensured).
There will be no Internet. The nearest village is 8-10 minutes away and the city Balatonalmádi is 4 km far from here.
You can use the following services: volleyball, football, badminton and table tennis, table football.
We will have Buffet in the camp where you can buy main supply and there is a little shop 2-3 minutes away. In Hungary we use Forints. Please don’t forget to exchange money BEFORE you arrive the camp.


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