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Eco-friendly Europe
Name: Eco-friendly Europe
Date: 16-24.04.2012
Type: Youth Action, Action 1.1(Youth Exchange)
Location: Poland
Each country: (4 participants and 1 group leader)
На обмена ще има участници от 9 държави (Hungary, Slovakia, Malta, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Lithuania, Greece, Romania).
Тема: екология

The project “Eco-friendly Europe”, organized by youngsters of Europejskie Forum Młodzieży, in cooperation with other 9 partner organizations from different parts of Europe is a multilateral youth exchange program that will bring together around 55 youngsters from different countries all over Europe with the objective of exchanging ideas and practices about environmental issues today, from the perspectives supported by different experiences in each country. The project aims to create awareness on how to take care of the environmental issues by paying attention to daily life behavior with simple actions such as recycling and saving energy. The participants will recognize that sustainable development is an important issue that concerns every country in the world and is not limited by country borders. Young participant will have the chance to share, present and exchange already existing knowledge about renewable energy resources and environment protection. They'll expand their knowledge by discussing with specialists and youngsters from other nationalities. The intercultural exchange will be encouraged through work in multinational teams, as well as in group dynamics such as creativity games, outdoor activities, exploration challenges and thematic workshops. At the end of this project, youngsters will be prepared to build, together, an “Eco-friendly Europe”.

Покриват се 100% от престоя там. Тоест за храна и хотел през цялото време няма да заплащаме нищо.
Покриват се и 70% от пътните разходи от Хасково до мястото на обмена.
03.04.2012, 09:41
Така като гледам с автобус е най-евтино.

Хасково - София -> 2 посоки с автобус -> 40 лв
София - Прага -> 2 посоки с автобус -> 180.00 лв
Прага - Długopole Dolne -> 2 посоки с влак -> от 60лв
Общо между 280 лв

От които по време да обмена ще ни върнат 70%.
Като цяло след като ни върнат парите ние ще сме заплатили 84лв (30% от 280лв).
29.03.2012, 15:45
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