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Youth Exchange - Give more power to your engine
Active ideas participated in international youth exchange in Sovata, Romania between 15th and August 24th

During the exchange the youths form Haskovo participated in various outdoor activities, such as:
- climbing
- Construction of shelters for surviving in the mountains
- hike in the nature
- Cooking on campfire
- Water tours with kayaks

Give more power to your engine
* Location: Sovata, Romania
The youth exchange entitled ” Give more power to your engin!” intends to bring together unemployed young people aged between 18-25 years from different European countries – to Sovata, Romania, in order to help them to improve their self confidence, their active job seeking and also entrepreneurship skills. During the 9 days program participants will experience self confidence building activities, will work on self-management. Besides the experienced technical skills, the exchange develops initiative taking, creativity, strategical thinking, self-esteem, responsibility and active participation. The overall goal of the exchange is to contribute to the fight against unemployment, marginalization of underprivileged youth, to make possible young people to be active in the society, to foster their social inclusion and to empower them to have self-confidence for job seeking and/or entrepreneurship. The exchange creates participants also the possibility to learn about each other’s country, about each others culture. The methods we are using are outdoor sports and experiential education. By having most of the activities interactive and in the outdoors, participants learn also about healthy lifestyle, healthy behaviors.
Program draft:
Day 1- Arrival and knowing each other activities
Day 2 -Team building activities
Day 3 -Canoe expedition
Day 4 –Canoe expedition
Day 5- Rope course
Day 6-Hiking expediton
Day 7-Hiking
Day 8-Hiking
Day 9-Volunteering project, indoor simulation workshop
Day 10-closing , departure
Financial criteria:
-Participants will need to contribute with the 30% of the travel expenses; the 70% is covered by the project.

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