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Let’s build the European Mosaic - Metz, France
Youth Exchange: Creating a mosaic of Europe in the house of Robert Schuman, France

Youth exchange: "Let’s build the European Mosaic"
Travel costs : The travel cost of the preperation meeting will be paid back 100% by CERS. For the youth exchange 80% of the travel cost will be paid back. Each time limit of the travel cost is asked to\from the European Commission. So be carreful and try not to pass the travel cost which is determined.
Resume Mosaic: This is the summing up of our project in french and english. These are only ideas. The real project will be elaborated in our preparation meeting in march.
The preparation meeting will take place between 13th march and 15th march in Ermitage Saint-Jean in Moulins-lès-Metz ( 10 km from Metz). You will receive the provisional programme and access plan soon. The beginning of our meeting is planned on 13 March Thursday at 16 :00 and it will end on 15 March after the lunch. For the preparation meeting 100 percent of the travel cost will be paid back for maximum 2 people for each group.
Youth exchange will take place between 12th Mai and 20th Mai. You will also accomodated in Ermitag Saint-Jean, the main activities will take place in the House of Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles. You will find the sum of the project in french and in english attached. The definite programme will be elaborated in the preparation meeting.

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