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Youth Exchange Italy July
Description of the Project

There are many reasons why we want to carry out this project.
Above all what we believe in: making a 10 days experience with a group of international youth, in a wild environment, sharing common moments, eating together, creating discussions, spending free time together as well as organized activities, means to create “growth”, both personal then social. This allows to demolish prejudices, to get to know other cultures through the direct contact with people of the same age.
We believe that the Erasmus + Programme gives young people a very important chance to grow and wide their horizonts, making an experience that otherwise could have been difficult to do, for some people even impossible.

The main purpose of this project is to promote environmental education and international awareness through active engagement of young people coming from different countries in a natural environment. In particular we aim to connect young people from different cultural and socio-economical background or those that have few experience of living abroad (including young people with fewer possibilities). It would be a great opportunity for them to develop personally but also to acquire competences that they may use in their future professional life.
We purpose to increase the mobilization of young people and awareness about green practices and the environmental challenges to a more suistainable growth in a nature and create a cohese group. This experience will give young people the chance to develop also their abilities to work together as a team towards a common goal. The stay in the woods will help us to promote relationship between people and nature, healthy lifestyles and behaviours.

The general common objects for our project and Erasmus + Programme are improving the youth personal development, creating social active citizenships and raising the chances of young people in the european labour market through the competences gained during periods abroad and reinforce transitions between formal and non-formal education. In connection to above we support: improving foreign languages competence (English as a main language of youth exchange; also inspiring to learn another languages through stay in international community), raising participants' awareness and understanding of diversity (in culture, religion, gender, origin and style of living) offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity.

Thanks to this experience each of participiants' organization can develop in the quality on the social and educational field increasing capacities, attractiveness and international dimension so they are able to offer activities and programmes that better respond to the needs of individuals, within and outside Europe.

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