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Drugs, AIDS & Sexuality
First part:
Dates: 05-12 April 2003
Topic: drugs, AIDS & sexuality
Place: Belgium
Countries: Bulgaria and Belgium

Second part:
Dates: 04-11 July 2003
Topic: Cultural differences enrich us
Place: Bulgaria
Countries: Bulgaria and Belgium


In the house of fullness, friendship and happiness.

Motto of the exchange programme: “Cultural differences enrich us”

The last days of the training “Cultural communication” realized by Belgium and Bulgarian youths ended with the drawing of a picture as every participant hatched his stroke. In front of our eyes a beautiful house at the foot of “The Blue stones” revived, bathed in light and the air smelled beautifully. There was a big porch in front of the house, which gathered everyone. You could hear the song composed and singed by the Belgium group. We all singed with joy and happiness.

It is said happiness to be in simple things. And the greatest things are always simple like friendship, kindness and satisfaction of the work, the happiness of being close.

The eight days of the exchange programme slipped by. We made fifteen icons, which the Belgium youths took in their country, this way they can remember the time we spent together. We wove “ Folklore etude ” based on the idea of a participant from the group. We welcomed the Belgium youths in our homes to show them Bulgarian traditions, typical food and the way of life. We discussed the local customs, history, ritualism and the living standards and compared them to the Belgium. We studied together dances from Sliven. We realized educational route “On the Roman path” as we mounted very high in the mountain and made a picnic. When we were looking in our Belgium friend’s eyes we understood the Bulgarian magic-nature, dances, our national peculiarities. Our hearts filled with national pride and dignity, which we rarely feel.

When the Belgium youths left, they took a small piece from Sliven and Bulgaria, our nature and culture.The exchange programme finished but we hadn’t the feeling we were separating. We write letters daily. In the last letter is written that the boys from the Belgium group are going to come again by the end of the summer and the girls in the autumn.

The house is built and full although only in the hearts. In it the fire of happiness, love and understanding burns. The atmosphere is filled with a party and dreams. We really love our Belgium friends and their friend, we love Belgium and Europe.

Thank you, programme “Youth”.

Anelia Ivanova-leader of the Bulgarian group.


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