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The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds
Вид: Ecology Organization
The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) is the first in the recent time and the biggest non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to the biodiversity conservation. It is founded on 3 June 1988 and proved itself as a national-wide organisation. The only NGO in Bulgaria, which achieved stable conservation results in the regions of its action. BSPB is the Bulgarian Partner of BirdLife International.
BSPB is registered charity, civil non-for-profit Nature conservation organisation. It is officially registered in the list of the organisations, acting in favour of the society as a whole.
NGO Narodno Chitalishte “Future now”
Вид: Ecology Organization
NGO Narodno Chitalishte /Community Center/ “Future now” was established in the year 2006, as a follower to Narodno Chitalishte “Probuda” (revival), est. in 1931. Part of the chitalishte's members are psychologists, pedagogues, experts on biodiversity, computer specialists and designers, who are ready to participate in implementing and carrying out the organization projects by free will. We work with different organizations and individuals in recruiting volunteers. The volunteer work helps us raise the quality of our services, as well as the public awareness, and in particular that of the youth, concerning activities benefiting society as a whole.
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre - Green Balkans
Вид: Ecology Organization
The Wildlife Rescue Centre is a specialized unit of Green Balkans’ work program concerned with the rehabilitation, treatment, recovery, and release of rare wild animals or species threatened with extinction. The Centre was created in the period 1990-1994 by activists of Green Balkans.

The main fields of activity of the Center are:
• Healing and rehabilitation of rare animal species in distress and their return to the wild;
• Breeding of rare species of birds of prey with long-term injuries that can’t be released back in nature ...
WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
Вид: Ecology Organization
WWF was born into this world in 1961.

It was the product of a deep concern held by a few eminent gentlemen who were worried by what they saw happening in our world at that time.
Since those early days WWF has grown up to be one of the largest environmental organizations in the world.

Currently there are more than 1300 WWF conservation projects underway around the world.
Вид: Ecology Organization
Велоеволюция е млада неправителствена организация, която съществува официално от 7 август 2007г.

Нашите цели са:
* Да представлява велосипедистите пред обществото и държавата, като представя мнението им и защитава интересите и правата им;
* Да работи за създаване на законови и инфраструктурни улеснения, безопасни условия за каране на велосипед ...
Green Balkans
Вид: Ecology Organization
Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.
The Organization was established in 1988 being Bulgaria’s oldest nature conservation NGO. For its almost 20 years’ existence, Green Balkans has won recognition from international and national institutions, authorities, and donors as a welcome partner and a highly reputable and competent organization. This is proven by the public confidence in the Organization and its almost 4,500 Bulgarian and foreign members.
Za Zemiata (For the Earth)
Вид: Ecology Organization
Za Zemiata (For the Earth) is a Bulgarian environmental non-governmental organisation, registered in 1995 and determined to work for sustainable life on our planet and combat exploitation of people and nature.

Za Zemiata strives for an outward-oriented policy and activities are carried out in co-operation with volunteers and other Bulgarian NGOs. Za Zemiata is the representative organisation of the Central - and Eastern European Bankwatch network and of the International Energy Brigades, and a member of GAIA and SEEEN (South Eastern Europe Environmental NGO) networks.
For The Nature
Вид: Ecology Organization
For The Nature

Our aim is together to fight for the preservation of the nature in Bulgaria and for the sustainable development of our country. We believe this could only happen with the active participation of all citizens of Bulgaria. We wish more people would realise that everything depends on us as such citizens. We insist that the laws in Bulgaria are followed to the letter and that state institutions fulfill their responsibilities and ensure those laws are upheld.
Селище Зелено Училище
Вид: Ecology Organization
Green School Village is:
- group of people who share the attraction to life close to nature and in harmony with it
- project for creating alternatives for living: environment, work and learning
- informal approach to education – combination of a playground, garden, school and fireplace
- positive non-government, non-profit organization without borders

Lovingly we obtain our wisdom from the nature. We have good traditions to learn from and pass their lessons on.
Вид: Ecology Organization
Горичка е основана през 2006 от Магдалена Малеева като инициатива за популяризиране на идеята за устойчиво развитие в контекста на екологична криза.

Основните теми, които ни вълнуват, са промените в климата, изчерпването на ресурсите, загубата на биоразнообразие, промяната на средата и качеството ни на живот.
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