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Селище Зелено Училище

Green School Village is:
- group of people who share the attraction to life close to nature and in harmony with it
- project for creating alternatives for living: environment, work and learning
- informal approach to education – combination of a playground, garden, school and fireplace
- positive non-government, non-profit organization without borders

Lovingly we obtain our wisdom from the nature. We have good traditions to learn from and pass their lessons on. We close the gap between the young and the old generations by exchanging fresh ideas about life. We gladly cooperate with people willing to exchange knowledge and energy, believing in our cause.

We want to live in houses build naturally, that look and feel natural. We need our food to be clean and grown with love. We bring back to life an old village in the South-East Rhodope mountains and we build a green school there. It is a place for work, learning, test terrain, a space of fun and recreation. We learn and grow as we bond with friends and grow the community. We create and express ourselves in the warm embrace of mother nature.


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