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NGO Narodno Chitalishte “Future now”

NGO Narodno Chitalishte /Community Center/ “Future now” was established in the year 2006, as a follower to Narodno Chitalishte “Probuda” (revival), est. in 1931. Part of the chitalishte's members are psychologists, pedagogues, experts on biodiversity, computer specialists and designers, who are ready to participate in implementing and carrying out the organization projects by free will. We work with different organizations and individuals in recruiting volunteers. The volunteer work helps us raise the quality of our services, as well as the public awareness, and in particular that of the youth, concerning activities benefiting society as a whole.

Narodno Chitalishte /Community Center/ “Future Now” creates environment for ecology, health and civil culture building. Stimulates young people to build up responsible stand on the nature and the place where they live. We are motivated and creative young professionals, united on our striving for sustainable local development. Our achievements are better ecology, prosperous community, educated, capable and happy people. NC “Future now works for developing long-life learning, social and personal skills and thus.

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