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Държава: Италия
Проект номер: 5013
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в център за хора в неравностойно положение

Начало на проекта: 01.10.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 9 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 20-ти април 2013

The organisation is aimed at individuals with disabilities that result in notable restrictions in autonomic functioning who need performance rehabilitation and social healthcare.

This centre is aimed at individuals aged between 18 – 65 with significant disabilities:

- social and personal autonomy
- socialization and entertainment(art and creation, laboratory of emotions)
- learning ability, expressive (Newspaper, Theatre), psycho motor (Sports and play activities (Music and Dance).
- psycho motor and recreational
- Information/cultural training( computer science)
- job placement

C.S.E.R.'s main objectives are to preserve and maintain the levels of autonomy of the individuals with notable reductions in autonomic functioning which requires rihabilitative social health care and to provide support for the families of the disabled individuals.
The organizational structure is designed to improve efficiency and / or effectiveness of the person; the aim is to focus the attention on the end of the disability instead of the handicap. Speaking about disability means speaking about an existent ability despite the deficit and in which manner beginning from this one, it’s possible to provide a suitable answer to ride over the difficulties and to reach the best life quality and inclusion. The day care center is designed to act as a socio-educational and rehabilitation for the individual, aiming to recover the physical and intellectual capacity remaining in order to improve the inter level- relationships and social inclusion. The centre allows for the necessity to develop useful relations and to increase the personal autonomy.

The volunteer will gradually be placed in the context of C.S.E.R. It will initially be formed to a correct approach with people with disabilities and then immediately promote knowledge of users attending the structure, the working methods of the team, spaces, roles and rules within it. After this phase, there will be an observation period for the volunteer during which he could better internalize the information previously learned. Finally, the volunteer, assisted by an educator, will be introduced in the daily life of the Centre, in its relations with users and the realization of activities. The volunteer will have an active role, working with educators to achieve the targets set for each user. In some activities, it will be the "diversity" of the volunteer concerning the outside sources to be stimulus and source of curiosity for users. Examples could be the different labs: From the Earth to the plate, where the volunteer will become a central element as the bringer of different dietary habits of his country, thus creating an exchange "food - cultural" with users of the structure and teaching them how to prepare their own traditional dishes; Emotions, which will serve to show the cultural differences in the expression of various emotions; Sport Activity, where the volunteer will help users in the creation of the exercises proposed during the training by the technicians of the Special Olympics, showing them how to realize them and guiding those who present more problems in their movements. In addition, if in possession of technical expertise in the development of sports (and as athletics, football) the volunteer will become in turn ‘ technician’ assuming a more important role (our technician and partners carry out their activities in Special Olympics in a completely voluntary). On the occasion of the Regional and National Games of the Special Olympics- as Auxilium trophy- the volunteer will have the task both to accompany the users in the conduct of races and to be an active part in the organization of the events. Important role is the Social Autonomy lab where he will support users during the scheduled outings outside of the context of the structure. The volunteers will be involved in many others activities.
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