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European awareness
Държава: Румъния
Проект номер: 3531
Свободни места: Запълнени !
The general objective of the project aims towards Development of activities that stimulate the personal development of both volunteers as well as the target group.

To increase the cooperation between Roma and Romanian Youngsters, raise local institutions awareness towards the Roma issues and further responsabilise them, break prejudices and raise tolerance. The methods that are to be used during the project will focus on sport activities and non formal outdoor activities (games, camping, etc). An innovative method to be implemented is theatre forum.

Title: Experience European Citizenship in Romanian Rural Communities
Duration:9 months
Dates:1th of October 2011 until July 1th 2012
Location: Mehedinti and Dolj County , Romania
Theme: Non formal education, Active European Citizenship
Posted by: Ivan
20.01.2011, 07:10
Examples of proposed activities:
- Language Sessions (English, French, German, Spanish, etc -depending on
your skills )
- Art (painting, modeling, handicrafts, etc)
- Drama - Theatre plays- Theatre Froum
- Sports & Dances
- Green Activities (Cleaning Areas, Planting trees, etc)
- Cultural Activities - Countries and customs presentations, dances, culinary
events, etc
- Camps, outdoor activities,
- Presentation sessions on: Equal rights, Democracy, European Institutions,
- Promote Tolerance and Understanding between youngsters from the majority
and minority (Rroma ethnicity)
- Actively involve volunteers in developing and running activities that
encourage the communication between the Rroma and Romanian youngsters
- Promote and implement non formal education and sport activities for
spurring active citizenship and youth participation
- Raise youngsters cultural awareness, tradition and customs diversity
- Provide opportunities for the volunteers personal growth, skills and abilities
- Strengthen the role of the schools working with Rroma as well as other
organizations in promoting and implementation of activities that encourage
communication in between the Rroma and Non - Rroma
- Raise language awareness by encouraging communication in mother tongue
as well as other foreign languages
Organizing large events such as: Europe’s Day; Roma Day; 1st June –
Children’s Day, Summer Camp, Intercultural Campaign.
Posted by: Ivan
12.01.2011, 21:52
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