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Държава: Германия
Проект номер: 1640
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Haus Fichtenhalde Offenburg
Project start September 2011, duration 11 months

За този проект германската организация иска да отговорите на следните въпроси:

1) Why do you want to do a voluntary service ?
2) Why do you want to do a voluntary service in a foreign country ?
3) Why do you want to do the voluntary service in the specific project ?
4) What do you think they can contribute to the particular projec t ?

Моля когато изявите желание да участвате. изпратете отговорите на тези въпроси на английски.
Posted by: Ivan
13.01.2011, 00:02
Haus Fichtenhalde think of itself as a family-supplementing and supporting assistance giving pedagogical institution with affiliated school for special education.
Haus Fichtenhalde pursues a multiperspective and interactive scheme of development and represents a pedagogical as well as therapeutical concept of assistance oriented to ressources and development.
Once the targets agreed in the guidance program are achieved, the family should take over the responsibility again completely. For young people it could also be the preparation to gain independent living skills.
The facilities of Haus Fichtenhalde were built in 1974/75. The parcel of land crossed by a small ditch is situated in the eastern outskirts of the town of Offenburg, at the edge of the woods and neighboured by spacious vineyards.
The building and its equipment were planned and designed according to pedagogical aspects, so the children and young people fell comfortable in it and find suggestions for their development. Small varied designed accommodation units are connected by a common room. The living quarters consist of sitting room and lounge, single-, double- and triple-rooms equipped with wardrobes for private belongings. Living quarters and the flat of the family of the head of department are situated under the same roof, day care teams and the school are installed in several adjoining buildings.
For playing and various activities there are some premises like studios for arts and crafts, a bicycle workshop, a computer room and a music room, furthermore a small gymnasium, a table-tennis room and some romms for therapies.
A public sports ground with a pitch and a basketball court is located in a distance of just 150 m, a big sports hall can be used 2 days per week. A public indoor swimming pool as well as open air bathes and an indoor climbing-wall are within nearest reach.
Riding and vaulting on 2 horses is possible all year long on the area of Haus Fichtenhalde. For holiday camps there is a leisure residence quietly situated in attractive the Black Forest region.
European Volunteers are expected to keep the rules of our work with young people:
" acceptance of young people in their particular personality
" ability to cope with strain by challenging behaviour
" full cooperation with staff members
" loyal and responsible acting according to the particular objective of our work
" to be motivated to develop future prospects for children and young people
" to be courageous to act creative and flexible
Offenburg is a city located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, about 20 kilometers southeastern of Strasbourg. With about 60,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city, and also the capital of the Ortenaukreis.
The business location of Offenburg offers 40,000 jobs in 2,500 companies, including some which are of international standing like the Burda publishing company.
Offenburg is the central town to shop in Central Baden area and therefore assumes the important upper central supply functions for the surrounding area.
Offenburg assumes the tasks of an upper centre as far as education is concerned: as a site of the Offenburg College of Engineering, Commerce and Media with almost 2,400 students in addition to it being home to inter-company training centres from the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Chamber of Handicrafts.
Offenburg is an important hub on the regional railway net and is a stop for the ICE- and IC-trains along the Rhine Valley stretch. There is additionally a rail connection to France. The Black Forest railway, one of the most beautiful highlands rail stretches in Germany, also begins in Offenburg.
Furthermore there is a well developed suburban train and bus traffic system to touristic centres of the higher Black Forest and to the neighbouring french region of Alsatia.
To ensure regional mobility volunteers get a monthly ticket which is valid for all public transport associations of the administrative district of Offenburg, on weekdays from 14:00 h, during weekend and school holidays the ticket is also valid in the neighbouring administrative districts of Lörrach, Schwarzwald-Baar, Freiburg and Waldshut-Tiengen.
Posted by: Ivan
09.01.2011, 16:52
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