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Държава: Хърватска
Проект номер: 4999
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в младежки център, ще организира образователни дейности за младежи.

Начало на проекта: 02.09.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 12 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 1-ви май 2013

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
A) Theme: Youth information

Methods: Help in Youth Information Center (YIC)-
- Make a connection with other youth networks and organisations abroad, gathering different kinds of informations needed for the YIC data base. Also to help animate other youth in taking more active role in YIC by means different creative activities ( filming, acting, dancing, etc.)
- Lectures for young people - to help high school students learn foreign languages
- Providing maternal language course to the local community
- Peer education - workshops on HIV/AIDS prevention and/or other topics interesting for young people
- Design and distribute educational materials - together with other volunteers
- Work on web site (translating into english, german, or other foreign languages)

B) Theme: HIV/AIDS prevention
Using the method known as HARM REDUCTION, primarily caused by drug use. In the frame of Harm Reduction, volunteers will work in drop-in center where will provide a needle exchange service to the high risk population like IDUs (intravenous drug users).
In the centre he/she will:
- distribute clean syringes, needles, condoms and educational materials to IDUs,
- establish social contacts with the clients and engage in friendly communication with them in order to have positive relations on them.
- Support the staff in any other tasks related to the running of the Centre
- If the volunteer has a driver’s licence s/he might assist us by driving some of the HIV positive people by car to therapy or to the other medical or social treatment centres.
All the activities of the volunteer will be performed under advice and supervision of the project staff.
According to the volunteer’s skills and needs, a schedule including breaks will be worked out together with project staff.
- How you found your partner organisation(s) and how they will be involved in each stage of the project.
We contact the organizations throught the volunteer we selected. We keep in touch by e-mail to clarify some thing like the dates of the project, and some practical things.
During the project both organzations will keep in touch to follow and supervise the project and the situation of the volunteer.
It’s possible that our organizations can collaborate in other projects in the future, for that it’s important to be in contact during the project.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
1. What is the profile of the volunteer candidates?
The volunteer must be open minded, without prejudices, regarding the work we do with the marginalized and stigmatized population of intravenous drug users, commercial sex workers and homosexuals, as well as HIV+ people. The volunteer is also expected to be willing to learn about Croatian culture and the basics of the language. The volunteer should be an active participant and planner of his/her own tasks.

2. How will the volunteer(s) be selected from the candidates and how will the transparency of the recruitment process be ensured?
In general, the selection process will be done by creating a smaller list of possible candidates and then by selecting the volunteers who best meet the criteria of the EVS and who are motivated to work in the project. We will select the candidates who are the most suitable volunteers.
Preference will be given to creative people with their own ideas and initiatives with the goal to prevent drug use and animate local youth (arts workshops, filming, acting, web master, somebody who has sense for design, etc.).
One of the obligated task for each volunteer is organize maternity language course for the local community. Regarding that, we are choosing volunteers from some specific countries following the interest of local citizens which languages and about which countries they want to learn

3. How are the volunteers' profile and interests matched with the activity?
The volunteer will be select according to his/her willingness and motivation to take part in the project. The host organization itself together with the sending organisation take an active role in the selection process, which helps to ensure the best possible matching.
Volunteers will not perform the work of the staff, but will assist the staff, as the volunteer is not allowed to overtake the responsibility for the IDUs or HIV+ people.
The Volunteer will work at our drop-in Centre and in Youth Information Center (YIC).
Selected volunteers can give a great contribution to the activity of Help, and are encouraged to reach their expectations regarding possibilities of working with different populations (population with high risk behaviour and youth in general, etc). The project is a great opportunity for the volunteers to get to know the local community and culture in a non-formal way. Their contributions in raising awerness among local youths about the opportunities given by EU for youth ( EVS, Youth Exchange etc) wil be extremely useful, and increase the motivation of these young people to take advantage of these opportunities, aswell as increase intercultural dialoge and tolerance among different cultures.

4. How will you avoid job substitution?
The volunteer is never a substitute for paid staff. Help has enougth workers to develop it’s activity and the volunteer is going to support these workers. His or her duties and volunteer hours are very flexible. The volunteer is especially encouraged to express his or her ideas and introduce new elements in the project based on his or her creativity and positive experiences.
The volunteer will be supervised by a supervisor and other Ngo’s staff. The job is simple and safe principally because there is full support from the Help’s office staff. The supervisor will be avalible to help to solve any kind of the problem (related to work, to community and other challanges of new enviroment) that the volunteer may face.
5. If specific skills are required, please justify.
There are no special requirements. We hope that the volunteer will have an interest in risk prevention and awareness and is open to dealing with IDUs and the Croatian local community in general.
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