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Държава: Румъния
Проект номер: 4996
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в организация за работа с младежи в неравностойно положение.

Начало на проекта: 15.04.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 6 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 6-ти април 2013

Special needs (if applicable):
The approach we will use in working with volunteers with fewer opportunities is based on reinforced mentorship. For that we plan to involve well trained mentors, which will benefit from the training developed by the Romanian National Agency.
Until now, we have identified five people that can assume the role of the mentor based on prior experience as professors or mentors for high school children or students. In our organisation we have Vlad as a founding member who has graduated a psichology module and is able to provide valuabale expertise. Also, we have as volunteers high-school profesors that have studied mentorship before and are able to use mentorship as an instrument for inclusion.
Not least, we have as volunteers people that already work with young people with special needs and are willing to provide knowledge and support for the volunteers that will come.
Other resources we plan to involve in working with volunteers with fewer opportunities are logistical, meaning that in our comunity their is a good infrastructure for health and socialization. Being in a city will give the volunteers the opportunity to benefit from the facilities they will not have in a remote village.

Learning opportunities:
- acquisition of professional skills, attitudes and knowledge;
- spend useful and enjoyable leisure time; create new friends, new relationships;
- knowing the community and its problems; chance to know Romanian model of bussines and local administration;
- participating in the trainings that we have in the organization;
- learning how to teach kids, teanegers and youths on different themes including lessons of culture, languages, etc
- learning how to deal with few resources and how to create new things;
- chance to improve their CV and accumulation of experience; can provide an example to others and own independence;
- applying theoretical knowledge in practice;
- increasing confidence in themselves and others;
- flexibility and possibility to organize their time;
- opportunity to initiate projects.
Role of EVS volunteer:
The EVS volunteer will become a member of the team with equal rights and responsabilities as all of the non-EVS volunteers. The volunteer will have the role to help the organisation fulfill its mission by bringing his contribution in project management, human resources management, fund raising, communication department, and training team. For this, the volunteer will receive the help of the staff and will be ensured support from the mentor and a support group of volunteers.
The activities/task that the volunteer will be involved in are:
- identifying financial grants
- drawing and writing projects
- mediate and keep the links and relationships between the organisation and different collaborators and partners
- developing online content for the website and blog
- language and civilisation courses for young people
- ecological activities
- promotion of social inclusion
- promotion of sustainable development
- creating and implementing fundraising campaigns
Besides that, we will also support the evs volunteer in order to identify and create personal activities based on his own needs and the context of his service.

The volunteer we would like to work with is willing to:
- work in a team,
- learn new things,
- finalize tasks,
- use a common language with the organisation, other volunteers and the comunity (ex. English, Romanian)
- speak in english or romanian (any other european language is a plus),
- work with non-formal education,
- take initiative,
- be motivated,
- get involved in project management and non-formal education.
The recruiting process of volunteers will follow the steps below:
1 week:
- creating and posting the official call regarding the profile of volunteers wanted along with the official application that the volunteers need to fill in for subscribing to us (6 days) ;
- make sure that the announcement have a start up point as well as a dead-line (1 day);
2 weeks:
- contacting different sending organizations which already work with similar type of projects and with volunteers that we are looking for (12 days);
- sending the announcement to the most accesible destinations and connections that most young volunteers usualy frecquent; (2 days)
4 weeks of receiving the volunteers application from different countries;
2 weeks:
- evaluate the volunteers applications (2 days);
- select the valid application (but only applications that have just met the requirements and criteria for selection) (1 day);
- implementation process for selection of volunteers whose applications were accepted in order to realise the next stept which is: the phone call interwiew (4 days)
- realize the final selection of volunteers who for there will be ensured full and clear information needed in order to help volunteers to safely arrive and to make sure that they clearly understand what they are coming on this project for (1 week)
It is important that the volunteers must be higly motivated to work and to development and improvement of professional skills and practice in Project Management field.
In order to proprely select a volunteer we will work with the partner organisations which will help us from both spreading the call for application and also for an open and transparent recruitment process. The fact that we will work with partners will prevent subjectivism in selection and will help us have access to a broader group of volunteers that will be reached by personalized channels, not only through internet.The sending organisations can be of any eligible type, accredited and interested in working with evs volunteers and providing support for all the stages of the projects. We expect that the organisation will keep in contact with the volunteer and the hosting organisation for the duration of the project, in order to ensure the proper implementation of the EVS service.

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