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Държава: Германия
Проект номер: 4983
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще участва в обменни кампании, срещи, презентации на два града - един в Полша и един в Германия, нещо като "побратимяване" на градовете.

Начало на проекта: 01.10.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 12 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 8-ми април 2013

Do you want to cooperate in exchanges? Are you interesting in a town-twinning? If you are interesting in develop intercultural activities, creative design of publications, flyers and posters and the partnership between Germany and Poland… we are waiting for you!
In this project, you will work with in cultural projects in context of the town twinning Radom-Magdeburg and will develop intercultural activities and publications of one world house.
The German - Polish friendship society is a membership organisation of AGSA, in one world house. The volunteer will take part in the project: “Youth for Town (t)winning” that is a long term project and gives the opportunity to be involved in the planning of our youth projects and to explore diverse fields of activity.
At the same time the volunteer will improve his/her knowledge about German and his/her language skills, and that will be useful for his/her future career opportunities indeed.
During the year the person is expected to develop an independent way and put his/ her personal project into operation.
The accommodation for the volunteers is a shared community-flat, shared with European or national volunteers from ours and others organisation but also with students. The volunteers will have their own room and they will share kitchen and bathroom.

The volunteers will work as an assistant to an voluntary employee in the german-Polish friendship society Saxony-Anhalt with a concrete field of work and an own working place. It is possible to work in different fields, according to volunteer’s interests and the concrete working conditions. One of the volunteer’s most important areas of work will be supporting intercultural workshops in schools, create together with voluntary employees cultural projects in the context of the town twinning Radom-Magdeburg in the oneworld house and other places in Magdeburg, editorial work on the web page of the organization or the creative design of publications, leaflets and posters. Volunteers will be involved with the preparation for the project, and will be in contact with other volunteers and young from Magdeburg. Here concrete ideas for involvement in civil society initiatives are developed (Mile of Democracy against Right-Wing Extremism, Intercultural Week, Refugee Day and also Europe Week etc.). Another field of work is the participation in campaigns, informative meetings and fairs, as well as the production of materials for these events. It is also possible to work in DPG Saxony-Anhalt’s PR division, where the young people can get involved in producing publications, documentations, press reviews or photographic documentations. The volunteers can also update and develop the website and Facebook site “chatting” online and invite to an interactive participation in personal and project blogs.
All of the important points will correspond to volunteer’s interests and abilities. The volunteer’s tasks will be continually examined and evaluated, allowing for flexibility in the fields of work in accordance with the activities of our other volunteers. We expect our volunteers to be able to work as part of a team, to work on their own initiative, to be creative and to have fun in trying out themselves. They should be open to new things and be interested in international and political work. Specific interests towards antiracism work and intercultural work or cultural interests or working with internet and photo/ video are an advantage, but not a condition. The young people shall be prepared to have flexible working ours and weekend work, with the possibility to make up for it. We would like our future sending organisations to be active in the field of national or international youth work, culture work, or development policy or European cooperation. We would be glad, if through the volunteer person, cooperation with that sending organisation could develop also in other projects, may be implemented with the help of the volunteer during or after his / her stay with AGSA. Interested youngsters can contact us directly or though our partners. During the selection process the motivation and the expectations and wishes on our project will be challenged. Together we will check if the wishes and the interests of the youngster meet the objectives and the possibilities of our evs-project and we can develop a common plan for tasks. In the selection process we will prefer youngsters, who have already worked in common international youth projects with our partners.
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29.03.2013, 15:23
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