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Държава: Германия
Проект номер: 4885
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Проект, започващ през декември 2013

Търси се доброволец, който се интересува от работата с видео, фотография, компютри и въобще медия. Повече информация на английски...

We're looking for a young person, that is interessted in working with youth and media (taking photos, filming of events, administration of our facebook-page, doing computer-courses and other media-projects). The project is allready approved, so that the start of the project will be as soon as possible.

The volunteer will work together with social-workers during the day. During lunchtime she or he will be responsible for the internet-cafe that is located in the community-area of our organisation next to the mensa. As far as the volunteer has the needed skills, you will have the possibility to do your own media projects together with your youngsters, like producing films or doing computer-grafics with them. A project that we want to start together with the volunteer this year is called "application in motion", where we want to produce little films of our trainees to sent them to interested companies, where the trainees try to apply for a job.
It is important for us, that the the volunteer allready has some basic language skills in English and German, so that she/he is able to work together with our trainees. Beside that, it would be great if you allready have some experience with youthwork, especially with older teenagers and youngsters with social problems. For the media work we offer a (simple) camcorder and a reflex camera. You will get a notebook with some media software (most of it freeware like paint.net or gimp) and the possibility to visit a filmcut-training if necessary.
As we are working with adolescents that are between 16 and 23 years old we are only taking volunteers that are 18 years and older. To get an oppinion of the media skills of the volunteer, we appreciate a short video application, where you tell us something about the abilities, skills and the motivation for this project.
Posted by: activeideas
29.03.2013, 11:46
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