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Държава: Румъния
Проект номер: 4785
# Vacancy for Volunteer in Romania
# Location: Șoarș commune, Brașov county, Romania
# Deadline: 31/12/2012
# Start: 01/01/2013
# End: 31/12/2013
Свободни места: да

“Casa Greavului” is the first project of our association. For carrying it out, we intend to apply the principle of voluntary work in an international youth work camp organized on site. This is why we address the fans of history, archaeology and medieval re-enactment.

Our association intends to establish a permanent camp on a plot of 10.000 m2 located on a hill guarding the village, near the edge of a forest. The camp will operate as an experimental archaeolo-gical site, having as aim of building an architectural complex which would imagine the XII-th century fortified manor belonging to the hypothetical founder of Felmer, Graf Wellem. On this building site organized as a medieval village, the volunteer will be able to blend construction labour with learning ways of medieval woodworking, returning 800 years in time and recreating the life of a Transylvanian Saxon handicraftsman. He will also interact in various instances with the local community, taking note of a self-sufficient Transylvanian rural community life-style, its cultural habits, old traditions and attempted insertion into modernity.

The role of volunteer will be that of workforce leader for the project in question, but also of emblema-tic factor of visibility for the camp site, creating and feeding the interest of inhabitants in the history of their village. They will be informed in detail and will be able to tell further about the historical context of the construction, about the double capacity of the Saxons as settlers and defenders of European civilization, about the concept of “Casa Greavului” as focal point of medieval re-enactment activities and revitalization of ancestral crafts.

A voluntary master carpenter should have the enthusiasm to accept the challenge of working, teaching and living in open space, in conditions of limited comfort, for stages between 2 months and 1 year.

A typical workday will consists in: selecting proper tools and materials, morning briefing with tasks of the day, personally illustrating the operations to be executed, carrying out planned actions and individual tasks, then, when the work program ends, informal meetings with young villagers, club and personal hygiene activities at the VWA headquarters or rest within the camp.
Age: over 28 years. On equal terms of age, sex, race, health and experience, will be preferred those with prior knowledge on old woodworking techniques, those interested in outdoor camping activities, experimental archaeology and medieval re-enactment.
Posted by: Ivan
23.09.2012, 09:51
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