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Държава: Румъния
Проект номер: 4706
Начало на проекта: Март 2012 г.
Край на проекта: Декември 2012 г.

Свободни места за 10 доброволеца.

* Despite numerous community funding programs Dolj Counties continues to be poor counties where unemployment rate is very high, youth perspectives are very low and their participation in the community life and development is very low or inexistent.

Adding to the problem is the aging population of the county. In the recent years the rate of natural increase has been negative, especially in the Oltenia region of Romania, and this is leading to increasing problems in terms of bridging the intergenerational gap that is forming between the youth and elderly people.

On one hand we have the youth who are passive, inactive and feel a general sense of apathy. On the other hand we have an aging population that is becoming more and more disconnected with the social realities and which is not prepared to keep up with the frenetic pace of modern day life.

The results are that the elder are abandoned in nursing homes and get disconnected from socializing with young people.
The activities implemented will be focused on creating cooperation and links between the youth and the elder persons living in the communities. Your role in the project will be to organize: - Language Sessions (English, French, German, Spanish, etc) - Art (painting, modeling, handicrafts, etc) - Drama – Theatre plays - Sports & Dances - Cultural Activities – Countries and customs presentations, dances, culinary events, etc - Presentation sessions on: Active Aging, Life Long Learning, Solidarity - Pc classes (learning how to use a pc, the internet, a program) - Promote Tolerance and Understanding between youngsters and elder persons from nursing homes and not only - Breaking stereotypes that persist in the collective mind of the youth - Actively involve volunteers in developing and running activities that encourage the communication and exchange of customs youngsters - Promote and implement non formal education and sport activities for spurring active citizenship and youth participation - Raise youngsters cultural awareness, tradition and customs diversity - Provide opportunities for the volunteers personal growth, skills and abilities development - Provide for the volunteers the context for intercultural expression, creativity and innovation - Strengthen the role of the schools and nursing homes in building bridges of communication and cooperation - Raise language awareness by encouraging communication in mother tongue as well as other foreign languages - Develop and strengthen cooperation relations in between the project partners as well as other stakeholders directly involved in the project (cooperation between education institutions – both on local, regional as well as European level) The beneficiary groups you will work with are youngsters from the hosting communities.
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27.10.2011, 21:31
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