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Държава: Испания
Проект номер: 4587
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в работата на организация по най-различни проекти, семинари, срещи, фестивали, младежки обмени и т.н.

Начало на проекта: 01.10.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 9 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 7-ми април 2013

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers 1. Youth meetings (every week) 2. Activities in colleges (every week) 4. Meetings with the youth leaders (every week) 5. Realization of the Solidarity Congress (February 2014) 6. Youth leaders Training 3.1 (April 2014) 7. Solidarity Youth Festival (May 2014) 8. Videoconferences with other participating countries from the project Assistant in the creation and maintenance of the project blog 9. Promotion 10. Preparation of the youth exchange l (July/August 2014) 11. Preparation of all youth initiatives that may arise during the time of the EVS (debates, camps, flashmob, etc) 12. Preparation and support in English class for children (every week) 13. Support in painting class for children (every week) In any case, and taking into account the large number of activities available, these will be adapted to the possibilities of the volunteer. 
 Working hours and days off: 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, two consecutive days off per week and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project. The working hours are very flexible. We have activities during the week as well in weekends. Working weekends will be made up with days off. You will enjoy holidays in accordance with the school holidays. Food and Accommodation: We are looking for two volunteers. Both volunteers will live in a house with a garden, single bedroom with shared cooking, washing, laundry and social facilities with a monthly food allowance. The house is situated in Arenas de San Pedro. Interpersonal and social competences Adaptability and coping with new challenges, team-working with colleagues, sharing responsibility and living together with another volunteer from a different country. Capacity of developing own initiative and leading activities sharing responsibilities with Spanish youngsters. Cultural expression Developing cultural awareness of each other’s needs in a multi-cultural setting. Communication in mother tongue and in foreign languages Communicating with the tutor in English or Spanish, or other languages she speaks. Socializing and negotiating in a second language (Spanish). Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios undertakes the responsibility to arrange Classes of Spanish as a foreign language. In addition to ensuring effective mentoring for each volunteer, the Co-ordinating Organization will
Profile of the volunteer(s) and selection process: Profile: Preferably, with English language skills. Basic Spanish language skills or willing to learn it. Among the members, we speak the following languages: Spanish, English, German, Polish, Dutch and French. Open, enthusiastic people, with initiatives, who likes to work with young people. The following characteristics are an asset: Creativity, experience working in Theatre, Music, Graffiti, Dance, Capoeira, DJ, or some creative work. Willing to spend 9 months in rural area. Sending organizations: we will give preference to those whose aim is education in values (Peace culture, immigration, poverty, environment, discrimination, solidarity, etc.) and promote an active citizenship among young people. Special needs (if applicable): Young people with economic and/or cultural barriers are welcomed. We have a vast experience with youth work. Among us, we have teachers, leisure leaders and people who have lived for long periods abroad. We also have people qualified to host people with fewer opportunities. The experiences: -Young drug addicts, in the frame of the DNGO Proyecto Hombre -PhD in Gender Studies -Graduate in Speech Therapies and Special Education - Master in International Cooperation
30.03.2013, 16:22
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