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Държава: Естония
Проект номер: 690
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в дневен център за хора с психични проблеми.

Начало на проекта: септември 2013
Продължителност на проекта: 9 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 10-ти април 2013

Work with people with disabilities may be emotionally hard in the beginning without any previous experience, but it also gives very much for the volunteer in terms of personal development and reviewing the values to life. Volunteer will get good understanding of the Estonian social care system. Volunteers creativity and communication skills will develop strongly as volunteers needs to find ways how to get contact with the clients of the centre, none of the clients speaks English, and many of them have difficulties to communicate verbally in general. Also the volunteer will get experience working with different types of disabilities, possibility to gain knowledge about different types of therapy (from therapists who visit place), you can develope 'soft' skills like empathy, raise your sensitivity, openess among others

Volunteer will mainly work as an assistant for the tutor in the centre, helping in different activities. With time and some experience she/he will gain also more responsibilities and according to her own interests and skills can take propose and initiate also new activities for the target group. One volunteer will mainly work in the 24-Care Centre. Examples of the activities volunteer will be involved in are following: - preparing activities with and for the residents of the centre for the leisure time (games, workshops, group activities etc) - helping residents in shopping for the meals and preparing meal with them - guiding residents in other everyday activities (cleaning rooms, doing dishes, washing clothes etc). - assisting tutor of the centre in planning activities for the residents outside of the centre etc. - assisting tutor preparing the meals Besides working in the Centre for 24-Care, it is possible for the volunteer to get more involved also in the activities run in Work Centre, also help in the Day Activity Groups.
The project is open to everybody who is positive, creative, with good communication skills, friendly and without prejudice towards disabled people. Should be interested in the field of disabled people as volunteer will work every day directly with severely and profoundly mentally and multiply disabled adults. Those two things are important to us because work with our client is hard. They are mentally ill. Some of them don’t speak. Some of them can act differently and if you don’t know the reason (knowledges) or you don’t have practise/experience with them then it may be stressful. Former experiences in the field of social work are not needed. But its good if volunteer knows what means intellectual disabilities. Basic English is needed for communicating with the staff of the Center. The volunteer should be very dynamic in order to propose and develop their workshops and ideas to the tutors. Also he/she should be responsible, conscientious, helpful. First selection of the volunteers will be made according to their application and before final decision also phone interview will be organized.
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08.04.2013, 18:06
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