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Държава: Словения
Проект номер: 5312
Спешен проект !!!
Заминаване веднага.

Доброволецът ще работи предимно в жилищен дом за деца в риск и начално училище за деца със специални нужди

Натиснете бутона повече информация ->

Матиаз е наш приятел. От много години работим заедно. Вече сме му изпращали доброволци по 3 различни проекта. Доброволците винаги са много доволни от проектите.

Ето какво ми е писал:

Dear Ivan,

I would like to ask you to spread around the following information about the available 10-month volunteering placement in Škofja Loka, Slovenia.

In August the activities of ESC volunteering project named Kids in Action 6 started, which is 6th of its kind and it continues the well-established tradition of incorporating international volunteers in our local society. This year it involves 8 volunteers working in 11 local organizations from the field of education and social work. But one of the already chosen volunteers canceled her participation at the project, so we need to find a person, who would take her place.

The volunteer would be working mostly in Residential home for children at risk and Primary school for children with special needs, but one day per week will be dedicated to getting to know also other organizations involved in the project (2 other primary schools, 5 daycare centers for children and youth, daycare center for people with manor mental problems, project learning for young adults).

You can find some details about the available placement in the European Solidarity Corps database (https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/12748_en ), but the project itself is described in details in the info letter (https://www.edocr.com/v/ggmbbob7/voukvouk/KiA-6-Residential-Home-for-Children-at-Risk-andamp ). Another useful link might also be the Facebook group of Škofja Loka volunteers (https://www.facebook.com/groups/389667864441065/ ), from which you can get a better image of how volunteers' everyday life looks like here.

Thank you for your assistance, I hope we'll be able to cooperate in this project and greetings from Slovenia,

Matjaž Vouk, project coordinator
Posted by: Ivan
23.09.2019, 19:32
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