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Държава: Естония
Проект номер: 5010
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в пътуващо кино, ще участва в уоркшопи за правенето на филми. Подходящо за хора, които се интересуват от кино и анимация

Activities start in September 2013 until end of May 2014.

Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 10-ти април 2013

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
What we offer to the volunteer:
We offer a friendly team; an organisation which has an unique profile in Estonia and has many experiences on the field of travelling cinema, media literacy, film education, developing film and cultural projects.
As we bring together young people and offer them a platform to express themselves via film and animation making, its an opportunity for the volunteer to come up with new fresh ideas and generate new projects locally or/and between Kinobuss, Estonia and the volunteers home country. Every kind of initiative and ideas for projects from the part of volunteer are very welcomed! Kinobuss has always been very open for new possibilities, interesting transnational projects and networking.
Role of the volunteer and Activities: The volunteer will support our main activities. During the activities the volunteer will be supported by our staff and will develop activities that fits his/her competences and are motivated to. The team will have periodic meetings where the volunteer will update the work schedules and have the opportunities to join different projects.
Activities that the volunteer is involved in:
During all the year:
- Assistance at various film and animation workshops

Kinobuss NGO conducts all around the year various film- and animation workshops on different topics of film-making for various target groups (children, youth and grown-ups) all over the country. Mainly we work with kids from primary and secondary school (7-18 years old) and their teachers.

Volunteer helps with Kinobuss’ workshops in animation and film, including international cooperation projects. These projects involve both teaching about and with film as well as showing films. The volunteer will help in the capacities that he/she is strongest in and with the knowledge that he/she already has, while also learning how to run a good film workshop and how to propagate film education as an essential part of a complete education. This may include different activities, like a nature film project with school kids or a drug awareness project with older youth or instruction given to school teachers about teaching with animation, etc. The volunteer will be able to choose which projects interest him/her the most to be involved with.

- Taking care of photo and video archive of Kinobuss

Work implies photographing Kinobuss’ events (workshops, festivals, filmscreenings, film camps, etc), creating the photo archive and uploading selected photos on Kinobuss web site.
Work implies also archiving videos made in Kinobuss’ workshops and uploading them on Kinobuss web site.

- Assistance at management of Kinobuss NGO technical equipment

Assistance implies help for preparing workstations for workshops.

- Support for office activities at Kinobuss office

Sending letters, preparing materials for workshops, helping Kinbuss team members with various activities (sometimes hanging posters, sending informative e-mails, etc.)

- Implementing volunteer’s own project

Volunteer conceives and implements his/her own project that emphasizes the film education and propagation activities she has been involved with at Kinobuss as well as brings together his/her own country and Estonia in one cooperation project.
Volunteer continues to support Kinobuss activities, but at a smaller scale to give his/her time to work on his/her own project, being constantly supported by Kinobuss team.

The volunteer will work 35 hours a week from 10am to 5pm and will have 2 consecutive days free. The work hours might be flexible depending of the projects running in different periods. Sometime the volunteer will be required to work in the weekend and it will be negotiated the days off between the staff and the volunteer. As well, some workdays may be longer than 7 hours, but in this case volunteer will choose free hours for compensation during days he/she wishes.

During summer months:

Assistance at various summer events

During summer, Kinobuss activities involve participation, workshops and film screenings in various summer events (several cultural festivals, summer film camps, open air film screenings, workshops for children, youth and adults, etc). The volunteer’s work includes:

• Assistance at summer camps

Volunteer helps Kinobuss in organisational activities (preparations for the camps, publicity about the camps etc) and during the camps (assistance at working with kids and youth; assistance at workshops; photographing the camp; creating the photo archive of the camp; publishing photos of the camp on Kinobuss Facebook and website; creating video blog of the camp activities; assistance at the organisational and producton side of the camp).

• Assistance at summer festivals

Assistance at promoting the festival and at Kinobuss activities at the festival; help for preparing the festival; help during the festival (assistance at workshops, assistance at film screenings, assistance at communication with the public; photographing the festival; creating the photo archive of the festival; publishing photos of the festival on Kinobuss Facebook and website;

* Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
We expect that the volunteer should be open minded, active and joyful, has good communication skills and, ready to travel around, likes to take part of different cultural events, will be open for new experiences and opportunities, knows how to use the computer and ready to write a blog. Even if the volunteer doesn’t have all these characteristics, he/she should wish to develop these abilities – we help as we can and offer our support.

A knowledge of PR / marketing, blogging, photography is an add value.

Knowledge of film and/or animation making; experience in production of some audiovisual work is an add value as well, but not a compulsory pre-requisite. More important than experience is volunteer’s strong interest towards this field and desire to develop these new skills.

Recruitment process:

We are happy to get on board a person with interesting experiences and background on her/his own and who is ready for some adventures as well willing to add some extra value to the company and its projects. We announce about free hosting placements in our organisation via different lists and web pages and among our previous partners. First selection between possible volunteers will be done according to the CV and motivation letter. Final selection will be done after phone interviews with candidates.
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