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Държава: Полша
Проект номер: 5003
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът трябва да говори немски език. Ще помага във фондация, занимваща се със съхраняване на културното наследство, запазване на местни обичаи, промотиране на културния туризъм... Доброволецът ще помага в поддържане на уебсайт, кандидатстване за финансиране на проекти, организиране на срещи и събития...

Начало на проекта: 01.09.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 12 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 10-ти април 2013

The Foundation's objectives are:
- preservation of cultural and natural heritage, especially in the Polish-German border area;
- awareness raising in the area of cultural heritage among the local communities;
- protection and preservation of local traditions, customs and of other intangible cultural heritage;
- strengthening the society’s sense of identity and its emotional ties to the cultural heritage;
- promoting cultural tourism;
- promoting understanding between peoples;
- strengthening intercultural exchanges and promoting the development of civil society;
- stimulating growth and creating new jobs in the sector of cultural heritage preservation;
- study and diagnosis of social awareness regarding the preservation of monuments and the diversity of cultural heritage;
- promoting international understanding;
- professional education, continuing education and training.

The tasks of EVS volunteers will consist of: - search information on the web - create the database needed to carry out the project - help the Foundation web page updates - assistance in applying for funding (project description, schedule, cost estimate) - conducting photographic documentation of the project - assistance in organizing and carrying out all kinds of meetings, workshops and other events - correspondence with partners involved in the project - assistance in the design, production and distribution of promotional material foundations and individual projects - help in editing the publication design - participate in field trips, training, conferences
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03.04.2013, 20:59
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