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Държава: Литва
Проект номер: 4993
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в организирането на най-различни уоркшопи, изложби, лекции, екологични дейности и т.н.

Начало на проекта: 01.09.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 6 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 7-ми април 2013

The workshops concentrate at the local community and international projects. We draw all attention to the improvement of local social climate. Various events involving the local community are being organised with the help of volunteers. Higher educational institutions of art, their representatives and private companies are invited to work together as well.
Our target group is from babies to retired people.
What is happening in our space:

• Regularly working art gallery of different artists (gallery changes each two weeks);
• Film evenings each Wednesday from 8 pm free of charge;
• Library brought by local people;
• Flea markets – things exchange point each month;
• Weekly meetings of mothers with small kids;
• Board game afternoons for senior people;
• "Soul Items" evenings each two weeks. Communication about photography, music, art and other interesting topics.
• Lectures and training for parents;
• Rent of premises for conferences, seminars, celebrations;
• Organisation of children's birthdays and parties;
• Educational activities for children and young people (about waste, ecology);
• Organisation of youth leisure;
• New technology development projects twice a month;
• Creativity lessons for kids;
• With the help of volunteers and private companies we created a district‘s tourist map and have cleaned up the forest to make it become a real park;
• We plan to continue “dinning with neighbours” and other small projects.
• Since 2011 we organise an international light installations festival "Beepositive" each autumn.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: Organisation’s daily activity is various workshops, such as: creativity lessons for kids, eco-design lessons ans workshops for teenagers, films screenings, various small events like concerts, exhibitions, lectures, readings and etc., joga, excercises for adults. Also we are organising entertaining and educational excursions inside and outside Beepart space and in the surroundings, once a year - light instalation festival with more than 30 light instalations. New technologies inovation worksohp and photography workshop are held here. Daily activities also include looking after “beepilaite” facebook profile and webpage www.beepart.lt. There are two people working in organisation permanently and about 6 people are renting premisses for their wrkshops. Typial activities/ tasks and suggested roles in Beepart the vollunteer: • Work with different age and status people; • Volunteers will learn how to communicate with kids of different age, to organise own agenda; • Work with teenagers and kids in creativity lessons; • Organising excursions for schoolchildren, kindergarten kids and others in Beepart space. • Help to organise films screenings. • Help to organise Beepositive light installation festival. • Various help for Artists, working with festival. • Take care of Beepart househlod. • Looking after beepilaite facebook profile. • Iniciating own projects on beepart platform. • Helping to organise small events: concerts, exhibitions, lectures, readings and etc… We expect that vollunteer will work about 30 hours per week (6 hours a day) with minimum 3 people in organisation.
Openminded, active, selforganised, sociable, with some artistic skils, diligent person. The candidate have to be able to work with small kids and adults creatively. Volunteer has to have an intrest in arts sphere (maybe he/she likes visual art, music, literature and/or other arts forms) . Basic computer skills would be a virtue.
Posted by: activeideas
29.03.2013, 15:45
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