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Държава: Литва
Проект номер: 4977
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в център за бездомни хора

Начало на проекта: 01.09.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 8 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 1-ви април 2013 г.

In our organization we have:

- A night shelter for the homeless witch every night has around 70 residents who have no permanent housing and/or are at crisis situation. Here people get a bed in a shared room, can take shower, and prepare food in a common kitchen.
- Open day center for homeless people. We try to make this center like a safe place for homeless people who have nowhere to go during the day. It is organized in an empowering way that means that a person who comes isn't forced to do anything as long as he or she doesn't want to. And we always ask people what they want to do, because we believe that the only true experts of their lives are homeless people themselves.
- Individual and group social work. In our organization we have 3 social workers who try to work individually with every night shelter resident and some of the day center visitors. In response to the needs of our clients we also provide group work as a service.
- Psychological help. Most of our clients have complex problems and social workers help ir often not enough. Thus we have one psychologist who provides people with psychological consult.

Volunteers in our organisation through spending time in the day centre and through getting familiar with our clients can learn to be in the situations of uncertainty. They can also learn to wait until they start to see the situation instead of blindly acting. Volunteers can learn about themselves and about life. The role of the volunteer in our organisation would be: - Getting to know our clients, because the relationships that volunteers have with our clients are different from the relationships that workers have with them. It is simply because of the fact that volunteers are not workers. We believe that this different kind of relationship is of great importance to the social help process. - Thinking of and proposing new innovative ideas for our work, activities, social action, etc. - Critical thinking and evaluation of our organisation and this way helping us improve ourselves. Typical activities for volunteers in our organisation: - Interacting with people in the day centre for the homeless; - Help with organisation of ant participation in group activities; - Help providing people with food packets; - Help teaching people social skills; - Help teaching people computer skills; - Going on local tours with people from the shelter.
All projects in Caritas are for people who have social and economical difficulties. So we would like to invite volunteers who are interested in social work with people who are homeless. If they already have some experience in it, it's even better. Volunteer has to be ready to work with people who have problems in their life. It's important to attend Lithuanian language course in the beginning of voluntary service (it's offered by us), because not many people from target groups are speaking other languages (you can use also Polish or Russian as alternative). Caritas is an organization based on Rome Catholic Church ideology, so the volunteer has to keep in mind, that he will be in touch with religious people every day. The volunteer has to at least respect our traditions and habits.
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22.03.2013, 15:14
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