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Държава: Литва
Проект номер: 4976
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в образователен център за деца инвалиди.

Начало на проекта: 01.10.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 8 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 1-ви април 2013 г.

The special school of Vilnius “Atgaja” is one of the Lithuanian educational institutions of a new type providing special secondary education for children and youth of Vilnius city and district, who are physically or mentally disabled, or have complex disability. One of our main goals is to help these children to integrate into society according their abilities. What is more, we try to develop greater tolerance in society towards handicapped children, so as they would be accepted the way they are. We established “The centre of Tolerance” in our school to deal with tolerance problems in our community. Thirdly, we pay much attention to increasing competence of supporting personnel and intensity of self-education.
At the moment we have approximately 90 pupils in our school, aged 7-21. They are not seeking primary or secondary education in our school, but also we offer them many leisure and outdoor activities:
- We organize sport activities.
- We offer cultural and educational activities, such as going to theatre, concerts, museums and etc.
- We tech children self-conscious living and healthy life (according their abilities).
- Continous work with parents: common celebrations and meetings, counselling if needed, etc).
- To develop social skills, children participate in different games, handcrafts, dancing, painting, karate, net-ball workshops and other similar activities.

We are willing to offer a wide range of cultural activities for the volunteers, such as visiting all well known and most exciting Vilnius’ places as well as participating in many cultural events and programmes that take place in our school or in the city. The main role of the volunteers would be assistance for the children, that means any help that is needed during lessons, as well as assist the children in any other leisure or outdoor activities. Possible activities for the volunteers: - To help to teach children foreign language. - To teach communication skills through different verbal and non-verbal games, outdoor activities, workshops. - To organize presentations about his/her country, culture, food, games and etc. - To go together to the theatre, cinema, swimming pool, museums and etc. - To participate in the excursions to other Lithuanian towns and nice places. - To represent volunteer’s activities and work to the community (through press, internet, celebrations and so on). - To become a friend of a child. What is more, a volunteers could take an active part in every day life of organization, help to organize some events, as well as organize any activity or programme he/she is interested in. The volunteers will be able to develop any ideas he/she has, new proposals and points of view as well as any other initiatives will be highly appreciated.
The most desirable volunteer in our organization is the person who is thorough, hard working as well as having a sense of humour. It is very important for the volunteer to be patient and tolerant, because working with handicapped children is not so easy. Last but not least, we expect volunteers to be able to take initiatives, to be responsible for his/her actions, to be creative as well as have positives attitude towars others.
Posted by: activeideas
22.03.2013, 15:10
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