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Държава: Полша
Проект номер: 4945
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в работата с деца и възрастни инвалиди или хора в неравностойно положение

Продължителност на проекта: 10 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 10-ти април 2013

We are looking for EVS volunteers for 3 different centers:

1. Special School (working with disability children) (free place for 3 volunteers)
2. Gaudium et spes (working with disabilty adults) (free place for 3 volunteers)
3. Siemacha (working with children and teenagers with few opportunites)
(free place for 1 volunteer)

1. Special School - Here are a variety of general activities for the volunteers in the schools: - Helping pupils in pedagogic process under leadership of teachers: drawing, singing, working with PC, motion games, training of getting dressed, sewing, playing music instruments, gardening, cooking, work in artistic and ceramic workshops - Helping with serving food and feeding handicapped kids - Individual assistance and work pupils during a classes - Helping teachers in class-rooms: storing and selecting educational instruments, preparing aids, creating school boards - Preparing the lessons and education tools - Preparation of own activities and realization of the mini-project
2. Gaudium et spes - In the workshops the volunteers will assist our therapists and teachers in their daily work with the handicapped people. They will be directly involved in work with our clients at the various workshop, providing proper aid and supervision, and be responsible for programming and running activities. The volunteers will get a unique opportunity to work together with mentally disabled people, helping them in their daily activities, and at the same time learning tolerance and recognition of diverse needs of handicapped members of our society.
3.Siemacha - The volunteers will be offered to work with children and teenagers at one of our centers. They will be able to assists our staff in running their regular programs (music, art, plays, language training, etc) as well as take on their own initiatives such as organizing international youth gathering. Besides assisting in our regular programs, based on their personal skills and training, the participants of our volunteer program will be able to offer and run their own children workshops (e.g. sports, computer, foreign language, art, etc). Our volunteers will have the opportunities to take part in out of town trips, spend holidays with our children during winter and summer camps. There is also possibility to do some office work or take part in different projects, run by Project Department.
Being open-minded and sensitive to the needs of others. Motivation, especially to learn polish language:) Any creative, artistic or motor skills may be enriching for the projects. Experience in the work with children, youngsters, adults will be helpful.
Posted by: activeideas
29.03.2013, 11:51
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