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Държава: Чехия
Проект номер: 4783
# Vacancy for Volunteer in Czech Republic
# Contact person: Anna Jelínková
# Dum deti a mladeze Blansko
# Location: Blansko, Czech Republic
# Deadline: 31/12/2012
# Start: 01/01/2013
# End: 31/12/2013
Свободни места: да

The project will take place in the house and neighborhood of our organization
The center of our organisation is nearby the center of the town. The building is very nice, new built.
There are five clubhouses for lots of activities, workrooms for art and modelers, clubhouse with equipment for training martial arts and big dance room.
We also have options for holiday programs at our camp centre near Blansko in town Karolin, there are two buildings and option for sleep in the tent. This camp takes place in nature. We also realize her outdoor activities.
We will ensure suitable accommodation and food (for example by accommodation in family, or flat, for food he can get meal tickets, or the possibility of cooking). Pocket money will be paid weekly or monthly, it depends on the agreement with the volunteers.

The volunteers tasks will be the preparation, organization, realization, evaluation, activities arranged by our organization for children and youth. Their main activity will be working in leisure activities prepared by us.We expect that volunteers will cooperate on hobby groups like (floorball, english courses, dancing courses, outdoor activities, arts). This groups meets for example twice a week, for 2 hours. The volunteers will work every day, all the week since 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. According to the EVS rules the volunter will work 35 hours per week. In case of weekend work the volunteers can take days off. We expect that the volunteers will choose and participate on regular activities or courses according to their abilities and interests. Whether their hobby is sport or languages.We expect that the volunteers will choose and participate on regular activities or courses according to their abilities and interests. Whether their hobby is sport or languages. The volunteers can learn here how to work with children, they can active participate on courses (arts, music, sports,...), they can get know our traditions and culture. Volunteers can create new friendships.We expect the volunteers will work on their own projects. For example meetings with students and pupils in our town (interviews about their countries, cultures, languages, habits). We expect that volunteers working hours will be flexible, and they will make weekly plan of work with help from colegue in our organization. Their personal and other support will provide them mentor, colegues from DDM and other staff of DDM.
We expect that volunteers, who we will host will be the same spirits as our team, will be creative, motivation and flexible. This is important for us and our clients. We expect volunteers with concrete competences: ability to team work, independent work on individual projects, work with group of children aged 10 – 15 years.We welcome the same person with readiness to learn Czech language and do everyday work with children and youth.Creative and comunicative person will feel at home here!!!
The comunication with the volunteers will be by mail, skype, facebook. The recruitment process (our priorities): 1. Motivation cover letter, CV. 2. Comunication by the mail, skype, facebook,... 3. Comparing the volunteers according to their real interest to work and personal experiences
Themes: Art and culture, Anti-drugs/substance abuse, Youth information, Youth policies, Youth leisure, Youth sports
Targets: Youth and children
Posted by: Ivan
23.09.2012, 09:55
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