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Държава: Франция
Проект номер: 4450
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Място : Saint-Etienne, 60 km SO from Lyon
Start: September 2011 for 10 months

Activities of the volunteer:

The volunteer and his team realize activities in partnership with and in support to local organisations- charity associations, municipalities, shelters, social centers…- to which an additionnal help is always welcome.

A Project environment:

The volunteer is part of the teams of 6/8 french volunteers of Unis Cité. All teams are mixed in what concerns sex, religion, age, background, education.
The association Unis-Cité Saint-Etienne is part of a national network, which offers youngsters aged 18/25 a civil voluntary service, in help to organisations working in different non profit fields( social, environmental, cultural), for the benefit of the local community.

Saint-Etienne :

Saint-Etienne, 60 km SO from Lyon, used to be a mining town, in the middle of various plateau and hills. Although at the end of the XXth century, the town was declining seriously, it is know having a renewal, and attracts both tourists and inhabitants.
It is a young and dynamic town ( ¼ of the inhabitants are under 20 years old), and it is known as the town of design.
Activities to do are varied, and urban transports are well organised.

Practical arrangements :

The volunteer'll be accomodated in a private flat, not far from the center of Saint-Etienne by tram.
A monthly card is delivered to the volunteer for free.
The volunter'll share it with 1 other young volunteer.
The volunteer'll be provided with a monthly allowance ( 125 € ) and an allowance for food ( 240 €).
He/she'll prepare his/her own meals in the flat.
The allowance'll be paid by the mentor into a bank account.
The volunteer can use Internet and make international calls to his sending organisation and family in Unis Cités.

Trainings and support:

All volunteers will receive predeparture, on-arrival, mid-term and final trainings from the National Agencies in the sending country, and in France.
The volunteers receive an intensive language course at their arrival in Saint-Etienne in September, integration month.
Unis Cités gathers all civil and European volunteers for an integration week at the beginning of October, so that all the volunteers get to know each other, start to build relationships, and have an overview of the different projects they will implement during their service.
Throughout the service, each volunteer receives from qualifies interveners a training on citizenship and professional programme, one day per week.

Support to the volunteers is provided at different level : a team coordinator is taking care of the daily development of the activities, and of the volunteers. Evaluations are made every 2 weeks to discuss the project, the adaptation of the volunteer, and the future projects. A mentor from Unis Cité, and a mentor from Mission Locale de Villeurbanne, meet with the volunteer every month to speak more generally about the feelings and opinions of the volunteer.
At any time, the volunteers can contact the EVS coordinator in case of questions or emergency

B Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

Learning opportunities :

Through this EVS project, European volunteers get the opportunity to participate to different activities in support to local organisations, as well as to receive a weekly training on citizenship and integration into the professionnal life. Below is a non complete list of competences and knowledge they develop all through their stay :

Competences :

- teamwork: Alternatively, volunteers work in small teams ( 2/4 volunteers), bigger teams ( 6/8 volunteers), and really big team when the organisation gathers all them volunteers together for special events. Therefore, each volunteer has to learn to observe, communicate and suggest ideas to find his place inside the teams.

- sense of initiative: Although the team coordinator and the responsible of the partner organisations take care of the projects, most of the activities are implemented regarding the volunteers ideas and competences : each volunteer is free to invest himself fully by suggesting new activities, and ideas to better those which are in progress.

- opening to others: One of the great advantages of this project is diversity:
Diversity of the teams, which requires to get rid of one's prejudices, and try to know the other before judging, in order to better cooperate.
Diversity of the target groups: the volunteers meet people they might not have met another way, and learn to listen, observe, open to other to exchange.

- versatility: In the same week, volunteers are involved in 2 different projects: theyhave to manage time, energy, and clearly establish limits between the different tasks and activities to realize.


- French language and culture: Thanks to the immersion in a new country, to the lessons, and especially to the integration into a team of French volunteers - who generally speak little english-, all volunteers we have already hosted learned French and mastered it by their departure.

- knowledge of the different social fields: The diversity of the projects lead them to have an overview and a better understanding of the non profit sector and social area.

- knowledge of oneself and others: Volunteers have the opportunity, throughout their stay, to stand back from their situation, their curriculum, and think about their future. They also get the chance to analyze their opinions and ideas in all different situations.

- practical and technical knowledge: In each local project, the volunteers acquire new practical knowledge, in relation to the activities they implement.

Activity time and holidays

The activities of the volunteer won't take more than 35 hours a week.
The volunteer has got 2 consecutive free days per week, which are saturday and sunday. If the volunteer has to be present over 35 hours,extra free days will be given.
The volunteer has got 2 days per month to be taken as holidays. Some holidays are fixed in advance by Unis-Cités ( Christmas, Easter), but the remaining days are to be agreed by the volunteer and the team coordinator.

Activities of the volunteer:

The volunteer and his team realize activities in partnership with and in support to local organisations- charity associations, municipalities, shelters, social centers…- to which an additionnal help is always welcome.

Activities of the volunteer can be very varied:

- more handy activities: Restoration of a centre, an office
setting up a reading room for children
- service to people : animation for kids/elderly
organisation of events for handicapped people
help and support to homeless people
- cultural activities : creation of a show for a special event
implementation of workshops about other cultures
- environmental activities : creation of a garden in a residential centre
cleaning up of a park, a protected site
awareness raising about environmental protection

Time schedule :

This project has the unusual feature of enabling the volunteer to be involved in the current activities of several local organisations. Therefore, the timetable always weeks after weeks.

September: integration month, discovery of the city,intensive French lessons, setting up landmarks.

October- May: 1 day per week is dedicated to a long term project
1 day per week is dedicated to citizen awareness and individual future building.
3 days per week are dedicated to punctual projects, that last between 1 and 8 weeks.

June : Personal project in a non-profit organisation.

A typical week could be this week:

Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Saturday and sunday


Long term project

8 months project implemented in small teams in order to build relations with the target group and with the team



Short term projects

Projects lasting 1 to 8 weeks in teams of 4/8.

Free time


Future plans

Choice of the projects :

Between October and May, the volunteer does not choose the local organisations in which he wants to give a hand. This choice is made by the team coordinator, regarding the needs of the partners, and the availability of the volunteering teams.
In june, the European volunteer takes part to the activities of an organisation he / she will have chosen.

C Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

By caring about diversity and mixing people, we are open to all candidates, without consideration of origins, social/cultural background, age, experience, scholar or French level.
Nevertheless, it is essential that the volunteer wishes to integrate a team of French volunteers, which means being ready to integrate despite the linguistic and cultural barriers.
It is also essential that the volunteer is aware of the involvement long term EVS is, and the variety of target groups and activities he/she will face during the length of his/her.
Nevertheless, social projects are easy ones, to everyone's reaching distance, without diplomas or experience. The volunteer should not expect to be responsible of the implementation of social projects, but more a local actor of the social cohesion, and of the integration of excluded or marginalized people into the society.

D Risk prevention, protection and safety:

Mission Locale de Villeurbanne and Unis Cité have been cooperating for many years about hosting European volunteers, and have clearly established a sharing of the responsabilities concerning the support of the volunteers.The 2 partner organisations are used to working with youngsters from various backgrounds and count with staff competent in crisis resolution.
Before their arrival, all the volunteers are enrolled to the compulsory AXA scheme, and explanations related to it are given one more time at the first group meeting in September.
At the arrival of the volunteers, we dedicate one month to the discovery of the city, orientation, intensive language course, and all the practical aspects such as bank account, phone… thus the volunteers can start their activities on secure bases and landmarks.
Risks prevention is done during this introductory phase, and also during the integration week in Unis Cité, and with the meeting between Unis-Cité's mentors and coordinators, volunteers, and Pierre Perra.
Regular evaluations are made this way :
- twice a month with the team, to approach the implementation of the projects, and the place of each and every one in the team.
- once to twice a month with the volunteers'mentor in Unis Cité
- once a month with Pierre Perra, EVS coordinator in Mission Locale, to approach the general ongoing of the Voluntary service, the personnal matters, and therefore prevent any situation of crisis. This evaluation is done in the volunteers'flat, thus in a familiar place, enabling at the same time to deal with potential cohabitation problems, or maintenance problems.
Moreover, volunteers can use Internet and the phone, in Unis cité office, to stay in touch with their family, friends, and sending organisations. They are also given a " emergency paper" where appear the contact details of their team leader, the responsibles of Unis cité,and the coordinators of Mission Locale.
In case of a problem,team leaders will solve the technical aspects linked to the activities, and inform the coordinators of the problems and solutions.In case of a problem linked to the project in general, homesickness, or physical or moral difficulty, we will support the volunteer, and discuss about the solutions. The sending organisation will be kept informed of the measures engaged.
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