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Art and culture
Държава: Норвегия
Проект номер: 3004
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Ancient songs, dances, music, poems, histories, rituals or old traditions forgotten from their own country or minority folk-tribes.
You can apply for LONG-TERM projects by sending your application before 20th of January 2011.
Project duration will be 10-12months starting from june 2011.
Posted by: Ivan
17.01.2011, 18:09
как да кандидатствам
Posted by: Янко Коев
14.01.2011, 19:43
Stella Polaris is an independent theatre group situated in Stokke, in the south of Norway. The group was founded in 1985 by Merete Klingen and Per Spildra Borg. Our productions spans from small storytelling to big outdoor events. We are inspired by medieval theatre, combined with impulses of other cultures and times. We also offer workshops in sircus and theatre skills, as well as storytelling. Our performances can be shown anywhere where there`s a crowd-outdoor and indoor, day and night. At base in the countryside 15 minutes outside a small city called Tønsberg, we have a youth group and children theatre. Most of the people working in the theatre live in this small community very close to the theatre.

For one month, starting June 6th untill July 7th 2011-stella Polaris will, together with the Belgian theatre colony Zoublistan and Midtgard Historical Centre create and perform a big outdoor spectacle based on the historical findings of the many Viking graves in the Vestfold region of Norway and the myths of the origin of the first Vikings. For this project we invite volunteers from all program and neighboring program countries. Our vision is to tell the tale of European origins, share Stella Polaris artistic expression and forward our pedagogical insights and techniques.

First days will consist of lectures on the Viking history, museum tours and self-study of the subject. The rest of the period will be related to the creation of the spectacle. We will train in; acting skills, stage fighting, acrobatics, music, singing and dancing. There will be creation and building of musical instruments, props and other objects used in the play. Creating new and alternating already existing costumes will be part of the work We are especially interested in people who have knowledge of ancient songs, dances, music, poems, histories, rituals or old traditions forgotten from their own country or minority folk-tribes. We want you to be able to bring this knowledge with you and shear it with us to give a real “ancient touch” to the process. If you play an instrument: BRING IT! Training will be very physical. We expect people to be positive, open minded, flexible and motivated. -Physical training and introduction to Stella Polaris physical theatre language -Training in Gurdjieff dances and movement with Theatre Zoublistan. -Preparation/construction of sceneography, installations, props and costumes -Training and learning international song and dance -Working with the story on the burial sites of Borre. -Premiere and great success!
We expect the volunteers to be motivated to work with inner expression and possibly have already some experience in dance, theatre, singing, circus, music, movement or set design/costumes. We are an outdoor theatre group so volunteers should be motivated to work hard physically outside in whatever weather. People with health issues, diabetes, joint/muscular syndromes, back-problems, and so forth HAVE TO inform us about this when they apply, as this might have an effect both for you and on our work during the training/performance. If you think you have any kind of health issue we should know about, write about it. We are flexible, but need to know about people’s needs in order to make a safe and sound environment for everybody.
Posted by: Ivan
12.01.2011, 16:45
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