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Еко Ферма
Държава: Холандия
Проект номер: 2936
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Looking for 2 female volunteers.
The “Beekhoeve” is a family run, owned and operated organic dairy farm, based on the countryside of Holland, located about 27 kilometres from the city Utrecht.
The farm is open to occasional volunteers and visitors. The target group involves everyone with an interest in farm work, farm life, nature, the environment and especially organic farming.
The “Beekhoeve” is established in corporation with another non-profit organisation. The main activities of the volunteerс will be assisting with the daily tasks on the farm, such as milking cows, harvesting, etc.

The farm organizes all kinds of activities in spring and summer for the visitors so that they can learn all about the life in and around a farm. The farm also sells its own products, such as fresh milk, yoghurt and home made cheese. The volunteer can help them with selling those products in the store of the farm. The volunteer can also make visits to several companies in order to promote the farm.

Volunteers receive €180 for food and €115 for pocket money. This is enough to meet your needs, but if you really want to explore The Netherlands and the surrounding area (Belgium/Germany) it is advised that you bring some savings. Dutch lessons are provided.

• You are willing to be a part of the family life in a farm
• You are interested in organic farming and rural life
• You have an active and positive attitude
• You are open to new ideas and want to contribute in new projects
• You like to work outside everyday (regardless of the season) and like animals especially cows and nature
• You are teaching city dwellers about rural life
• You are creative in finding solutions
• You are eager to learn the Dutch language
• You are available for a 12 months EVS placement

• Helping with the animals especially cows, and other farm work
• The possibility to do various jobs in the farm in guidance with the farmers
• Helping out with promotional activities for the farm
• Sell the farm products, like home made cheese, milk, yoghurt etc.
Posted by: Ivan
14.01.2011, 16:17
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