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Държава: Холандия
Проект номер: 4782
Свободни места: Запълнени !
# Vacancy for Volunteer in Netherlands
# Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
# Deadline: 15/01/2013
# Start: 01/06/2013
# End: 02/09/2013

The project is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in the Feijenoord district, one of the poorest areas of Rotterdam. It involves collaborating with various organisations in the Feijenoord area: for instance a primary school, a bird sanctuary, a gym where handicapped people work out, an organisation that organises leisure activities for children and a restaurant that serves as learning company for students. You collaborate with three other volunteers. You live together in an apartment with three volunteers, close to projects that you are involved in. Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands. More than 170 different nationalities come together in Rotterdam: it is the most colourful city in the Netherlands.

You support the different organisations with various activities, like organising leisure activities for children, cleaning bird cages and feeding the birds in the bird sanctuary, monitoring children during their lunch break at school, assist handicapped people when they are working out and assisting with sports activities. You meet a lot of different people and you deal with various organisations. Cleaning and tidying up are part of the daily activities.
It is important that you are open minded, show initiative, communicate easy with very different people and are flexible, so you can adapt to different circumstances. Because a lot of activities take place with children and sports, it is an advantage if you like sports and children. You also find it a challenge to work with people with limiations, either socially, emotionally or physically. You don't mind working outside.
A telephone interview will take place with various candidates. Volunteers from all countries can apply.
Posted by: Ivan
23.09.2012, 09:55
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