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Държава: Португалия
Проект номер: 4967
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в организация за осъществяването на най-различни дейности, свързани с изкуства, спорт, фестивали, семинари....

Начало на проекта: 01.09.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 6 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 31-ви март 2013

The 2 volunteers will have the opportunity to: -Perform direct work with local people -Learn and practice Portuguese language and not only get to know, but to experience Portuguese lifestyle by acquiring knowledge and involvement with the local community, customs, habits and culture -Develop team spirit and competences on team and partnership work -Learn and/or enhance time and effort management skills Specifically, as Art Telheiras is based on the principle “think global act local", it is possible to learn the process of changing behaviour by evaluating, sensibilizing and promoting education in a loop cycle. Volunteers will also learn about environmental issues, (urban) mobility and agriculture; but also permaculture; about the dynamics and partnership management between organisations and institutions in our neighbourhood as well as in the city. The volunteers are going to be considered and treated as a member of our team and will work in an intercultural environment, both formal and non-formal. The volunteers will be encouraged to be proactive by, upon Art Telheira’s Board approval, designing and implementing their own initiatives. In ART we believe that new ideas are one of the big advantages of bringing someone to our organisation. Typical activities for the volunteers: -Receive and provide information about Art Telheira’s projects to local people and new associates; -Search and collect information as well as answer to requests of information through other channels of communication; -Collaborate for updating the Association’s website/blog with contents; -Support in daily management and simple administrative procedures of Art Telheiras’s projects, both indoors and outdoors; -Collaborate in the organization of the Cineclub’s weekly screenings; -Collaborate for the implementation of events such as:The monthly lecture (helping setting the stage, choosing the themes and speakers, etc)/ Neighbourhood festivals (held 2-3 times per year) where music, dance, sports, culture are all put together in a big “street social party”/ Exhibition and production of series of short films (and photographs) about the neighbourhood, his residents, commerce and activities. -Support in the organization of social and cultural events for the local community held in partnership with the Local Par
Posted by: Ivan
22.03.2013, 10:57
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