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Държава: Дания
Проект номер: 4826
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще работи с младежи, ще организира междукултурни дейности, свързани с танци, музика, спортове...

Начало на проекта: 01.08.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 11 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 25-ти март 2013

Аs the volunteers are older than the students they will also be positioned as leaders, authorities and consultants which is a great opportunity to develop pedagogical abilities and the ability to structure and plan events for others. As all of the students also visit other countries, the most important tasks for the volunteer is to create an intercultural environment at the school. This could be done through informal cultural activities, dancing classes, language classes etc. – good ideas are welcome! There are often activities in the evening or in the weekend. Often it will be expected of the volunteer to participate in or contribute to these activities. If the volunteer is responsible for the activity he or she will of course have another day off, but the volunteer is encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible in order to have a rewarding experience of the stay. The average working hours will be 6 hours a day excluding Danish classes for the volunteer. An important outcome of the stay is also that students develop their social and personal skills so they are ready to continue their studies and an independent adult life after their stay.
The volunteer must be mature, open-minded and able to work based on his/her own initiative. We would prefer a person with a good command of spoken and written English language. Volunteers with a creative skill – dance, music, sports etc. will be preferred, but other cultural skills will be important assets. We are also looking for volunteers who are native speakers of either English, French or Spanish. Volunteers with an interest in globalization are also welcome.
Posted by: activeideas
05.03.2013, 22:06
Здравей Ясен,

За да кандидатстваш за доброволец в чужбина е нужно само:
1. автобиография (CV) на английски език
2. мотивационно писмо на английски език

Пиши ни на e-mail и ще ти помогнем !
Нашия e-mail, може да видиш в секция "За Връзка" на този уебсайт.
Posted by: Ivan
05.03.2013, 10:41
Posted by: Ясен Иванов
21.01.2013, 21:44
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