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Държава: Румъния
Проект номер: 4495
Tasks of volunteer:
-Collecting and editing material for our periodic newspaper
-Helping in project writings and management
-Development and promotion of Nemere Trail (the second greenway for bicycles in Covasna county)
-Helping in organizing 2% campaign
-Helping in organizing a photo exhibition (in winter)
-Visiting our partner organizations and promoting volunteering within EVS program
- Helping in the organizing and in the carrying out the 3. Spring Green Days in March, 2012
- Cleaning of the city - event for the day of the Earth, apr.22, 2012
- Participating on different voluntary activities (collecting used cooking oil, activities for young people and children, lectures in schools and daycares, projections of documentaries in various places, presenting the foreign culture and traditions to youth, etc.)
- Helping in organizing sport events that draw the attention to a healthier life style, like: the Critical Mass, the Family Running Day, the 24 hours Running, bicycle beauty contest, chess championship and several bicycle tours.

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