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Държава: Франция
Проект номер: 4448
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Място : Алпите, между Лион и Женева
Start: Септември 2013 за 10 месеца

Доброволецът ще работи в екип с още няколко доброволеца и ще участва активно в проектите на местни организации: благотворителни асоциации, общини, социални центрове, екологични организации и т.н...

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
Learning opportunities :
Through this EVS project, European volunteers get the opportunity to participate to different activities in support to local organisations, as well as to receive a weekly training on citizenship and integration into the professionnal life. Below is a non complete list of competences and knowledge they develop all through their stay :

Competences :
- teamwork: Alternatively, volunteers work in small teams ( 2/4 volunteers), bigger teams ( 6/8 volunteers), and really big team when the organisation gathers all them volunteers together for special events. Therefore, each volunteer has to learn to observe, communicate and suggest ideas to find his place inside the teams.
- sense of initiative: Although the team coordinator and the responsible of the partner organisations take care of the projects, most of the activities are implemented regarding the volunteers ideas and competences : each volunteer is free to invest himself fully by suggesting new activities, and ideas to better those which are in progress.
- opening to others: One of the great advantages of this project is diversity:
Diversity of the teams, which requires to get rid of one's prejudices, and try to know the other before judging, in order to better cooperate.
Diversity of the target groups: the volunteers meet people they might not have met another way, and learn to listen, observe, open to other to exchange.
- versatility: In the same week, volunteers are involved in 2 different projects: theyhave to manage time, energy, and clearly establish limits between the different tasks and activities to realize.

- French language and culture: Thanks to the immersion in a new country, to the lessons, and especially to the integration into a team of French volunteers - who generally speak little english-, all volunteers we have already hosted learned French and mastered it by their departure.
- knowledge of the different social fields: The diversity of the projects lead them to have an overview and a better understanding of the non profit sector and social area.
- knowledge of oneself and others: Volunteers have the opportunity, throughout their stay, to stand back from their situation, their curriculum, and think about their future. They also get the chance to analyze their opinions and ideas in all different situations.
- practical and technical knowledge: In each local project, the volunteers acquire new practical knowledge, in relation to the activities they implement.

Activity time and holidays
The activities of the volunteer won't take more than 35 hours a week.
The volunteer has got 2 consecutive free days per week, which are saturday and sunday. If the volunteer has to be present over 35 hours,extra free days will be given.
The volunteer has got 2 days per month to be taken as holidays. Some holidays are fixed in advance by Unis-Cités ( Christmas, Easter), but the remaining days are to be agreed by the volunteer and the team coordinator.

Activities of the volunteer:
The volunteer and his team realize activities in partnership with and in support to local organisations- charity associations, municipalities, shelters, social centers…- to which an additionnal help is always welcome.

Activities of the volunteer can be very varied:
- more handy activities: Restoration of a centre, an office
setting up a reading room for children
- service to people : animation for kids/elderly
organisation of events for handicapped people
help and support to homeless people
- cultural activities : creation of a show for a special event
implementation of workshops about other cultures
- environmental activities : creation of a garden in a residential centre
cleaning up of a park, a protected site
awareness raising about environmental protection
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