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Държава: Франция
Проект номер: 1132
Свободни места: Запълнени !
Доброволецът ще помага в асоциация, която работи с деца и младежи, ще ги мотивира да бъдат по-самостоятелни, да изразяват своите мнения и желания.

Начало на проекта: 01.10.2013
Продължителност на проекта: 10 месеца
Kраен срок за кандидатстване: 25-ти април 2013

Purpose of the Association:
- Organize educational activities and social recrea
tion for children and youth Rezé, respecting
the individual and making the public actor hosted its leisure.
- Enable young people to express their desires and needs through ongoing consultation and
support to implement their projects.
- Promote information and inclusion of young people.
- Encourage the participation of all users, particularly parents, to the development and
implementation of recreation for their children.
- Represent the interests of children and young people from government and semi-public andall other authorities.
- Being a place of reflection on Children and Youth.
The association employs 70 people, animators, directors of recreation centers childhood and
youth, for secretarial and accounting.
Each structure of leisure: Youth centers, PIJ, Children recreation centers is headed by a
director (trice) to working with one or more facilitators employee (s) full-time or part time.

The target audience is children and youth 3 to 25 years, the city of Rezé.
The CIJ has also the mission to promote and coordinate the regional network of youth
informationThe CIJ also works in partnership with many institutions working for the youth
Youth Information is :
- A network of skills for youngs
- A right for all young
- can act as informed citizens
- A friendly place to listen
- A wide range of tools and services
This task is based on the principle right to provide information to every youngster.
Information is a right which : give young people's the possibility to be more
autonomous and responsible Help young peoples behave as enlightened citizens
- make international mobility easier;

A collective project
The interaction is very important in this project to several structures, whether for the
structures themselves but also and especially for young people that we welcome
The volunteers do not work simply on the local structure but they also have time for
consolidation work on joint projects (ExpoSciences organized by the ARPEJ, festival organized by the CRIJ, the Europe Day by the Maison de l’Europe, ...)
Therefore we wish to pursue these very rewarding experiences.
This common project is very important for us. Without this project there will not a coordinating project.
In fact the CIJ decided to include the project “L’U nité dans la Diversité” for this philosophy, indeed to enable to young Europeans to exchange, to teach each other and to teach about our local organisation. The important thing is to elaborate and create together during all the European voluntary service.

The specificity of this project is to host simultaneously 3 young volunteers from various
countries. There are three advantages in this :
-it will enable exchanges on cross cultural realities
-fundamental ingredient of a « unite and diverse » Europe
-in particular based on the events found in the calendars of each countries.
It will also be the opportunity to dynamise the promotion of the EVS Aiming at stimulating exchanges amongst the youth,
it is proposed to develop a common
project favouring the discovery of local European specificities thus illustrating the European moto “Unity in Diversity”. This project aims at promoting voluntary and intercultural learning through a collaborative work among the volunteers host in locals structures taking part in this project.
The European volunteers hosting in this common project will have the opportunity to discover
each local structure and mainly the volunteers will build differents projects (exhibitions, testing sessions, creation of communication tools, conferences,...) together.
The volunteer will work throughout the year with 2 others volunteers on common themes to
develop intercultural learning them also. These projects will realize that they all must be linked with events or with four structures participating in the project.. The future volunteer should have the desire to work in cooperation with other volunteers on a very regular basis.
The common project is an integral part of the following local project.
The individual project is inseparable from the collective project
An individual project in ARPEJ
The function of people working at CIJ varies:
- Animation point cyb
- welcome and inform our public
- European mobility
- Creating pedagogical tools
- Support for youth projects
The role of CIJ is Inform, host and orient individually or collectively, animators animate the documentary sector animation and develop the documentary sector "Abroad-International".
Develop the European Youth in Action program.
The remaining task is to :
attendance at meetings
participate in working groups
participation in outside events
attending meetings of the Information Network for Youth.
European Voluntary Service in Youth nformation center

The volunteer could work in others structure in ARPEJ following his/her skills and motivations
It will be regularly in contact with CIJ’s public.
Particularly the volunteer could inform the
public about European and international mobility. The volunteer will work with partners on the development of events
Process recruitment
The recruitment process for this EVS project is not carried out on the basis of specific and
selective criterion or competences. All CVs and covering letters sent to the CIJ will be studied.
The volunteer must be curious and have an easy contact and the taste of teamwork. Interest
in working on mobility. For the success of the project it is desirable that the young have a
sense of easy contact, it is dynamic and organized and for facilitating exchanges with young people
A basic French knowledge is an asset (B1).
The volunteer will have mainly to be motivated by work near a young public. He will have to be
curious, and eager to transmit his knowledge, by the means of information. He will have to
also be dynamic, to make actions of animation.
He must have a spirit of opening and not to be afraid of the contacts (with the young people as with the workers).
The future volunteer should have the desire to work in cooperation with other volunteers on a
very regular
The volunteer will be hosted by young workers; he will receive an allowance as pocket money
and to feed.
It will receive French language courses.
It will also have the opportunity to develop a personal project.
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