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Are You There? - Turkey
Project name: Are You There?
When: 17-21 October 2007
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Host Organisation: Kimse Yok Mu Aid and Solidarity Association, Turkey

The objectives of the study visit are;

• To explore the possibilities offered by the Youth Programme and the spirit of it (mutual understanding, respect, tolerance, dialogue, active citizenship…),
• To underline the importance of intercultural learning (ICL) in youth projects,
• To discover the differences and similarities of different cultures (traditions, religions, beliefs, value, way of living, combating stereotypes...),
• To provide opportunities to learn about youth work provisions in Turkey,
• To support the intercultural exchange between participants,
• To develop the participants’ skills on intercultural learning,
• To prepare a declaration fo charity philosophy created by the participants,
• To foster the development of possible project proposals or build future cooperation.

The participants are encouraged to reflect their knowledge and experience through new Youth projects after the study visit.

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