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The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) is the first in the recent time and the biggest non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to the biodiversity conservation. It is founded on 3 June 1988 and proved itself as a national-wide organisation. The only NGO in Bulgaria, which achieved stable conservation results in the regions of its action. BSPB is the Bulgarian Partner of BirdLife International.
BSPB is registered charity, civil non-for-profit Nature conservation organisation. It is officially registered in the list of the organisations, acting in favour of the society as a whole. BSPB is one of the few in Bulgaria NGOs with real membership and local structures throughout the country, a real grass-root organisation. It is a personal decision for everyone to become a BSPB member, most of the activities are done on a voluntary base, but with high professionalism. BSPB works for the Nature, defending its right to exist. BSPB is working for the people, defending the social interests and the right of everybody to have preserved Nature and helthy environment.


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